We endeavor to be a valuable Catholic resource for scouts, units, leaders, parents, and charter/host organizations; to jointly promote all Catholic scouting as an important element of youth ministry; and to help scouting units deepen Catholic identity, keeping Jesus at their core.

We exist to serve the Archdiocese under the auspices of the Youth Ministry Office.

We will do this by:

  • Creating an environment of mutual trust, common support, and corporate learning among scouting organizations
  • Developing and encouraging scout leaders in their role as ministers to youth
  • Collaborating to create opportunities for scouts and scout units to grow in Catholic identity
  • Advancing use of all available religious emblem and award programs
  • Communicating with pastors, principals, youth ministers, and directors of religious education on how scouts can support the parish/school mission and vice versa
  • Being a conduit between parishes/schools, scouting units, and the Archdiocese including, but not limited to, fostering appropriate application of policies, charters, and agreements