–  The Catholic Committee on Scouting will include up to four representatives from each participating scouting organization.

– All participating scouting organizations are to be represented in the officer leadership of the Catholic Committee on Scouting.

–  The Chair and Vice-Chair positions will rotate among the participating scouting organizations.

–  In matters of voting, and in the absence of consensus, each scouting organization will have one vote, including the Youth Ministry Office.

The officer positions include:

1) Chair:  Serves as the initial point of contact for the Catholic Committee on Scouting, coordinates meeting space, identifies agenda items and creates agenda, chairs meetings, follows up with action items as needed

2) Vice Chair:  Fills in for Chair as needed, assists with follow-up of action items as needed

3) Chaplain:  Filled by a Catholic priest or deacon, keeps the committee focused on purpose of growing Catholic identity among scouting and keeping Jesus at the center, assists with communicating with pastors, prepares and/or assigns prayer for meetings, assists with growing the Catholic spirituality of the committee.

4) Communications/Secretary:  Communicates meeting/task reminders, keeps and maintains meeting notes/minutes, identifies and utilizes effective processes to communicate as needed to pastors, principals, DREs, youth ministers, and scout leaders

5) Archdiocesan YM Liaison:  Filled by the Archdiocesan Youth Ministry Office, assists with coordinating meeting space, helps foster communication with youth ministers, serves as a point of contact for each scouting organization to the Archdiocese and vice versa, ensure Archdiocesan policies are being followed

6) At-Large Member:  Helps to ensure that all organizations are represented in the officer leadership